Bespoke Solutions and Reconciliation Services

We are skilled team that designs, develops and delivers great solutions for our clients.

We bring experience and innovation in all our work.
We take a personal approach, and we ensure that we deliver services and applications that add value in supporting you to achieve your business goals.

Our years of experience spans decades and we have a passion for what we do. We enjoy the challenge of each project, we understand that each project requires an unique approach and our team has the right skillset and experience to deliver.

Build on with our powerful reconciliation api

If you have a reconciliation problem or your existing reconciliation process needs improvements, but you don’t have the capacity or know-how – we are here to help. Typical business scenarios that BitCurb addresses are:

Credit card reconciliation

Match your credit card statements with your bank statements. Match your credit card merchant services with your payment processor and bank statements.

  • Support for high volume reconciliation
  • Support of One-To-One and One-To-Many reconciliation rules and matching with a variance
  • Support of tailored rules addressing your data correlations

Bank reconciliation

Validate your organization’s records (general ledger account, check register, and balance sheet, etc.) are accurate when compared to bank records.

  • Reading and importing financial file formats like SWIFT MT940, SWIFT MT950
  • High volume reconciliation between any bank statement and your general ledger
  • Development of new file format readers to match your needs

Account reconciliation – AP (Account Payables)&AR (Account Receivables)

Automate your account’s reconciliation, whether it is invoice, bills or credit data.

  • Free of charge ERP integrations options for your reconciliation solution – QuickBooks, Xero, etc
  • Quick identification, classification and management of data discrepancies
  • New reports on demand to match your compliance and reporting needs better

Inventory reconciliation

Match your inventory records with the physical inventory stock held in your store or warehouse. With BitCurb you can improve your inventory tracking procedures and prevent theft.

  • Out-of-the-box API to integrate with your POS and ERP systems
  • Robust reconciliation api capable of processing millions of transactions in a single batch
  • Quick identification of discrepancies

Entity reconciliation

Match entities across data sources with complex data correlations and formulas. BitCurb reconciliation api is:

  • Easy to integrate with 3rd party systems
  • Supporting unique rules addressing specific attributes correlations
  • Capable of processing millions of transactions in a single batch

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