We’re entering a new age of enterprise cloud-based products. An age that empowers developers and creates, and brings together the building blocks for the in-house processes.

We envision the technology change and market demand, so we have created BitCurb as highly extensible and customizable new generation product.

BitCurb is hosted and runs in the cloud, but is easily adoptable in on-premise environments matching your high security and infrastructure standards and demands.

We will provide you with the API endpoints, which will help you in implementing your vision.

Consuming BitCurb REST API will give you much greater level of control over how that functionality is delivered to your business and clients.

Our GitHub repository with code samples and detailed user guide are available and well supported to back you up on your journey with us. We realise that onboarding third party API is challenging and we are here to help.

BitCurb REST API provides the following functionalities:

  • Extensive reporting about crunch operations such as matching and filtering
  • Build your own KPI Dashboard utilizing our reporting feature.

  • Full auditability of executed actions
  • We provide full audit trail of the operations executed in your organisation account.

  • Matching (Reconciliation)
  • We process your data sets and return a collection of matched groups and variance item (if applicable). We support One-To-One and One-To-Many matching operations.

  • Filtering
  • We process your data sets and return a collection of rows matching your filtering criteria.

The data format we support is JSON, which makes our API technology platform agnostic.

We apply high security standards and don't store any of your input data. We only store data aggregations for the operations we execute.

BitCurb REST API is a component that requires you to have active organisation account and licence in order to be able successfully to consume our services through API endpoints.