What is our value added to your business as your partner?

BitCurb is a SaaS Cloud Solution that provides financial data reconciliation, parsing and transformation using API or Excel Add-In.

It can be easily integrated with any existing software system in any programming language, application and infrastructure, while being easy to use, efficient and non-disruptive. Our API is data agnostic and can be adjusted to your business, your industry. We are flexible and happy to fill functional gaps on our end, so you can leverage a scalable and reliable solution that fits your needs.

If you have a complex reconciliation problem or data processing of financial files problem as a gap in your business, then you can leverage BitCurb solution.

How is BitCurb different from other market solutions?

  • It is designed at scale reconciliation API. It can perform any type of reconciliation – for financial, non-financial and industry specific data
  • It can be rapidly integrated in any existing business pipeline in any programming language
  • It could be hosted in your on-premises datacenter to comply with your security standards or it could be cloud hosted
  • It provides flexible licensing model to serve best your processing capacity and needs
  • We support data reconciliation in Excel spreadsheets. Our Add-in is available for download from Microsoft Apps Store and allows you to start immediately from your existing Excel sheets
  • We offer a solution that helps you extract and transform financial formats to a user-friendly and familiar Excel sheets
  • We constantly reinvest and make our solution better

What is being BitCurb partner?

If you think reusing our know-how and expertise is better option for your business than investing in expensive autonomous solution, then leveraging BitCurb solution is the right choice for you.

  • We offer transparent pricing model and clear terms
  • We offer technical expertise
  • We offer flexible schema for client support, client implementation, consultants and development resources
  • We offer flexible schema for hosting on-premises or in cloud

We are committed to reinvest into making BitCurb better and greater solution. We value your feedback and we are happy to adjust with your ever-changing and evolving business needs. Your problems to resolve is what nourishes our drive.

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