BitCurb Excel App

With BitCurb Excel App you can access and process your data in Excel Online (office 365) and Excel 2016, without having big learning curve in implementing complex third-party solution.

BitCurb Crunch Engine supports a number of functions, which will help you in building powerful expressions. Our syntax is very close to the functions available in Excel, which makes the onboarding process in your organisation very effective.

You can define all of your rules and expressions in BitCurb portal and execute them from the Excel Add-in after.

Our product assures easy and seamless transition from Excel Online to the full-featured desktop version 2016 without losing your set up data.

Reconciliation in Excel

We support functionality for the following data processing operations:

  • Matching data between custom table selections (supported in Excel Online and Excel 2016)
  • Filtering data from custom table selections (supported in Excel Online and Excel 2016)

The matching operations may create a difference item (variance), while the filtering operations select only the rows that match the rules criteria.

You have to have an active BitCurb organisation account and licence in order to be able to consume our Crunch Engine.

Our GitHub repositories and detailed user guide are here to back you up on your journey with us.