Case Study

Sapere Books

Sapere Books

Industry: Digital publishing

Focus: Data Filtering API

Company Profile

Sapere Books is a London based digital publisher who works with Amazon exclusively. Sticking mostly to fiction (in particular historical, crime and women’s fiction), Sapere aims to publish a combination of backlist titles, continued series from established authors, and débuts. The company was founded in 2016 and since then it has grown at a rapid pace and it is currently serving more than 35 different authors with more than hundred titles.


The innovative digital service quickly gained popularity and proved to be successful. Working exclusively with Amazon and offering a transparent, lucrative royalty rate to the authors based on the generated revenue has boosted the sales. Royalty fee calculation is a complex process factoring the sales from Amazon in more than 10 marketplaces with currency exchange rates conversions. The process was manually handled in Excel spreadsheets and was time-consuming and prone to errors. The monthly reports generation and royalty calculation for every author became a burden, taking days to do and validate. Due to the specific process, it was very hard to find and purchase existing product that automates the process for Sapere Books.

Reonciliation API Solution for royalties calculation

Sapere Books recognized the solution that BitCurb offers as a perfect fit for its business needs. Its attractive licence fee and the powerful Crunch API were highly valued at the stage of proof of concept.

BitCurb’s team decided to create a bespoke solution that utilizes the filtering API capabilities of Crunch API. The solution was easy to use by non-technical staff and covered the existing manual processes in Sapere Books.

BitCurb integration team worked closely with Sapere Books to validate the efficiency of the output throughout the whole project. The final solution was implemented within a month time and offered royalty calculations for each of the authors that Sapere Books publishes, along with report that is handed to the author itself visualizing how the royalty is calculated based on the sales done.


The process of implementation was entirely developed and integrated on the premises of BitCurb office. The final solution was handed with a detailed user guide to the team of Sapere Books.

The processing time was optimized from two days monthly to just a few minutes.

Richard Simpson, Operations Director testimonials on the subject:

“BitCurb has made the whole process of calculating royalties so much easier. As the company continues to grow I can see we’ll be using for many years to come. The BitCurb team listened exactly to what we needed and made a system that is easy to use and is a perfect solution to our previous royalty difficulties.”