BitCurb launches QuickBooks Online integration

Financial software company BitCurb has launched a new QuickBooks Online integration for its solution to deliver additional value for SMBs and improve accounts management processes for its customers. Our customers can take advantage of the new QuickBooks Online certified connector to boost the automation of their account reconciliations.

"With BitCurb, you are getting a purpose-built solution that will help you stay in charge of your time throughout the day and reliably shorten your account close cycle." said BitCurb.

Automate your QuickBooks Online bank reconciliation process

Bank reconciliation is a huge internal control, not only over cash, but over other business as well—payroll, payable, and receivable. It can be applied to any business size, industry, and any accounting cycle.

You should verify your accounts in QuickBooks Online on a regular basis to ensure that they match your bank and credit card statements. This is referred to as bank reconciliation.

When you have your bank statement in hand, compare each transaction to the ones you've put into QuickBooks Online. If everything is in order, you may be confident that your accounts are balanced and accurate.

Every month, it is strongly recommended that you perform bank reconciliation. This is a manual process in QuickBooks Online that visually examines both data sources: QuickBooks Online data and bank statement data.

The bank reconciliation process, despite appearing to be a simple process on the surface, is often a difficult burden for businesses due to the high volume of transactions, large number of accounts to reconcile, various data sources and financial formats, understaffing, or inability to efficiently maintain the reconciliation on a regular basis. Deposits in transit, bounced checks, and bank fees add an extra layer of complexity when doing the comparison.

In the process of reconciling your accounts' balances, exception investigations and resolution, as well as comprehensive auditability and flexible reporting, are valuable assets.

Don’t spend time ticking off your transactions one by one. This remains a manual and time-consuming process, which is prone to errors.

To automate and maintain the integrity of your bank reconciliation process, choose BitCurb SaaS software. Our sophisticated reconciliation engine can be customized to meet your exact needs. BitCurb offers a variety of price options to fit your processing needs, in addition to a free trial.

BitCurb data connector for QuickBooks Online

With BitCurb, you can reconcile the following data: BillPayment, Bill, Purchase, Invoice, Payment, and SalesReceipt.

To set up your reconciliation process, you must register with BitCurb, which automatically starts your one-month free trial.

Then you have to create a connection between your QuickBooks Online company and BitCurb.

The set up also includes defining your chart of accounts that you are reconciling, your data acquisition templates, and your matching rules. The BitCurb support team is here to remove the hassle by providing you with dedicated and free-of-charge support.

Once you've set up your bank reconciliation procedure, you can take advantage of the automation's efficiency by reconciling your QuickBooks Online data with a single click of a button every month.

BitCurb lifecycle

You select the entities you want to fetch and reconcile during the data acquisition definition. You can further refine the time period to which imported data corresponds to match your business process. The TxnDate entity attribute is used to filter the time period.

BitCurb choose QuickBook Online entities BitCurb filter by txnDate QuickBook Online entities

Why choosing BitCurb for your QuickBooks Online bank reconciliation

Key benefits of using BitCurb to do your QuickBooks Online bank reconciliation:

  • Automate your QuickBooks Online accounts’ reconciliation - connect your QuickBooks account data with BitCurb and reconcile your accounts balances, accounts payable and receivable
  • Powerful data acquisition tool to connect your bank files with BitCurb
  • If you use a file format that BitCurb does not yet support natively, it will be developed and included in your subscription at no additional cost.

  • Robust reconciliation engine that supports building complex rules to address your specific data correlations. You can have one-to-one, many-to-one, and one-to-many transaction matches with a variance /adjustment
  • With automatic reconciliation rules, you can quickly handle scenarios like deposits in transit, bank fee withholds, NSF, and variations in posting dates. Rather than spending time on manual, error-prone effort, concentrate on examining and resolving your exceptions.

    Our solution is simple enough for non-IT personnel to use. Our powerful rules engine and data acquisition engine are thoroughly documented, and if you need assistance, you can always contact us through your account.

  • Free of charge support and implementation
  • BitCurb comes with a 1 month free trial and offers free customer support and solution implementation for your bank reconciliation.

When you convert to a paid license, you can enjoy additional benefits like custom reports to best match your compliance needs, new features and customizations.