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BitCurb strives to achieve easy adopted data processing solutions that come at a competitive price and accelerated time to get ROI. Complex solutions that are very expensive could now be replaced by BitCurb and adopted from a single user or small organisations with limited budgets for digital transformation.

We strive
We are innovative
We deliver

The features of our product make it a powerful tool that is adoptable in many different industries.

We do provide you with a modern approach of how the effectiveness of the Excel toolset can lead to quick solutions.

We have a great user guide for technical and non-technical staff.

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Solution Advantage

When you choose BitCurb services you will immediately enjoy a number of advantages:

We care about you

We make great effort to understand your challenges and how we can support you on your journey of continuous improvement. We bring experience in the industry along with decades of technical expertise across many markets.

Support for Multiple Languages

Our platform supports many languages and allows global organizations to benefit from native representation.

Immediate ROI without implementation cost

Our services give you the freedom to plan your ROI. We provide you with experience, which can lead your teams to successful solutions.

Constant Evolution

We are just warming up. It is going to be a long journey and we are committed to reinvest into making BitCurb better and greater solution. We value your feedback.

Mission & Values

Our vision is not only to modernize the data processing and reconciling function, but to redefine the market by enabling highly effective and powerful service at a competitive price.

We are committed to delivering innovative solutions and services to empower all aspects of data processing across the industries.

It is our highest priority to ensure our customers are accessing their services securely.

Fast and easy

You don't have to wait for scheduling a demo for weeks. Start your 30 day free trial today and find out if BitCurb is what you are looking for.

The design of our product is very user friendly. Your only learning curve is the syntax of BitCurb Crunch Engine, which is fun and easy to learn.

You don't have to train people how to support specific platform and manage our services. We take care of this for you at no cost.

Flexible and scalable

Would you like instant access in the cloud or prefer to install in your data center? Start off new trial, it is as simple as that. You can install rapidly, then access all of our services through your browser or any tablets and mobile devices.

BitCurb is built on the latest technology and follows industry trends and best practices, so you will never fall behind with us.

Our Services

Each of the services we provide comes with few possible editions related to the data volume you want to process for 24 hours. Besides REST API and Excel Add-in for data processing and matching, we offer customized solution for our clients.

Excel Add-in

BitCurb supports data processing and reconciliation in your Excel spreadsheets.

You must download, install and set up our free of charge Excel Application from Office Store Apps.

We support Excel Online (office 365) and Excel 2016 versions.

Follow the instructions on our user guide portal how to set up or contact us for assistance.

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Reconciliation API

BitCurb REST API takes JSON object and returns JSON object result. This makes it platform agnostic, so you can easily incorporate it into your existing application pipeline.

You have to have an active BitCurb organisation account and licence in order to be able to consume our Crunch Engine.

Follow the instructions on our user guide portal how to set up or contact us for assistance.

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Bespoke Solutions

You want to use our product, but don't have the resources or expertise?

We deliver bespoke solutions for our clients covering different technologies stacks.

Crunch Engine is also available for On-Premises or Private Cloud installations to meet your infrastructure standards and requirements.

Contact us to discuss your implementation case and business needs.

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